Trainer Tips at WPUB!

Trainer Tips! This is the official page for the Radio Show on WPUB, the Pace radio network!

Starting up again THIS FALL THURSDAYS from 2PM-3PM EST starting soon!

Dec 6 '12

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Dec 6 '12

For I have returned… to have my vengeance.

For I have returned… to have my vengeance.

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Dec 6 '12

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Dec 6 '12


My new ringtone.

ETA: As requested, I’ve put it on MF. [Link] Enjoy!


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Dec 6 '12

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Dec 6 '12


5 month!


Dec 5 '12

PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG. DESPERATELY NEED A SUBLET. Message me if you are interested!


I’m looking for someone to take my place in my Astoria, Queens apartment. I ended up getting work back home so won’t need this place. Here’s some info on it:

Location: Address is 25-41 30th Road in Astoria. One of the few areas to not lose power during Sandy. Only two short blocks away from the N/Q subway line. Nice area, like families walking around after 10 p.m. with their kids kind of nice.

Apartment: The apartment is made up of a kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom. Bedroom has its own closet and there are 2 main closet elsewhere in the apartment. The super of the building lives downstairs and he’s awesomely approachable and timely with fixing any issues. My friend lives in the other bedroom, is really easy going, and works nights so you pretty won’t even realize he’s there since he sleeps all day.

Time: You can move in as early as Christmas/New Year’s if you really want. The lease last through the end of August so you can stay that whole time or for just the Spring Semester. Totally up to you.

Monies: Paying $1180/month + utilities but can waive all utilities and bump the rent number down a bit if that’s what it takes.

If you’re interested or know anyone who is, let me know. Thanks much!

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Nov 29 '12

in the event of the NASA conference happening at 2pm, Trainer Tips is cancelled and will be back next week. Enjoy learning about the news on Mars!

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Nov 29 '12


Martin being his glorious self at The Hobbit Press Conference 28/11/12

The fucking glorious Martin Freeman.

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Nov 28 '12



so I am on soundcloud and suddenly out of no where this work of art pops ups.

I want this converted into liquid so that I may bathe in it.

Disco’d up Beethoven sounds from 1976 meet up with some flavour-of-the-month Korean pop, served up with some old-skool jungle ruffness on the side.

this is probably a good place to lay Gangam Style mashups to rest but DAMN

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